How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

by Control System

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released September 3, 2019

Trey Poluga - Drums
Cosmo Vidussi - Vocals, Artwork
Ryan Nagle - Guitar
Connor Carden - Bass, Vocals
Tyler Andre - Guitar

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Coupe.


all rights reserved



Control System Tampa, Florida


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Track Name: Siege of Self
The sun rises like a nuclear glare
come to burn the last of my faith into cinder.

Anything that dulls the ache
will compromise the sharpened blade.
One with every crashing plane.
Enlightenment through suffering

boiled down and shot into my veins.
I am longing for the full dose of pain.

Anything that dulls the ache
will compromise the sharpened blade.
Waging war against myself.
Enlightenment through suffering.

Your empty mind is a cloudless sky
but there is fire always falling in mine.

Siege of the self.
Track Name: Night Finds You
Night finds you outnumbered.
The light drains from every street.
Night finds you among enemies.
Night finds you spiraling.
Waking up from a dream of peace.
Night finds you disappeared.
Track Name: Black Velvet Futility
My mind is a cracked blank slate,
a gap in negative space.
Consciousness: a fucking mistake.
We live and die inside a failed state.

A ritual of fear and pain.
The sheep’s eyes reflect the blade.
A frayed string finally breaks.
We live and die and learn nothing.

Futile attempts to preserve myself
past the edge I am headed for.
Life is several shallow breaths
and then silence, forever.

The captive bolt will loom
never more than an inch away.
Every head wears a black crown
of feathers, circling.

Peace will come at the cost of all things living.

And we learn nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
Track Name: Nausea and Enmity
The search for meaning
comes up empty.
It’s so cold in the
shadow of beauty.

Failings in both mind and body.
Building monuments to enmity.

Pervasive guilt for every breath that I have ever breathed.
Biting down till my teeth are ground down to nothing.

I am alone in a city made of my mistakes.

I will make wrong all that is right,
inhale the sun and breathe flat black night.
Track Name: A Fever
I gnawed through the chain
that bit deep into my neck
and knew the nameless joy
of unbound contempt.

A vacant apology
from a mouth like shattered glass

High road in ruin.

A fever burning in my mind.
Dormant nerves coming back to life.

I want to live forever
in that moment before the pain hits.
Concussed, taking jagged breaths in,
the tedium finally lifts.


The only thing that ever made sense
was the way the blood flowed
from the hand’s caress.

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